Double Sided Fashin Tape

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No more gapping blouses, drooping hems, shifty shoulder pads, and flyaway belts.

The Double Sided Fashion tape will bring back your confidence. Stay fearless at the office, weddings, proms, pageants or rocking your everyday life.

The tape is so clear that it’s almost invisible and hard to detect.

Easy Use Steps:

  1. Pull out a strip from the tape and peel off the one side.
  2. Press the side of the tape firmly onto your skin
  3. Remove the other liner
  4. Apply on to the clothing that needs to be secured
  5. Ready to rock and roll!


GRIPS CLOTHING FIRMLY – The tape comfortably holds your skin and undergarments to keep your classy shiny glow throughout the day

SAFE TO USE – Safety is our number 1 concern when it comes to the body. The material is safe all day long on your skin and also wash off easily without leaving any marks.

TAPE AND SHINE – Our tape is manufactured to hold up any movements in real life uses. Enjoy the proms and weddings freely with stylish glow

NOTICE: We are running low on stock.